Monday, June 13, 2011

Camera in hand.

Amy and I went photo-ing. Besides getting kicked out of an abandoned building, I'd say our venture was a success.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Jim Jones

Dear Jim Jones,

Jim Jones was my great grandaddy
He sent me a letter in 1994 and I read it today for the first time.
It almost made me cry, not because I missed him, but because I couldn't remember any of the things he told me about in the letter. Like the Valentine's day "mug for you to drink from" 
He told me in the letter exactly what it looked like and I could not remember it's existence. 
He sent me candy and notes and bird seed and a little umbrella but I didn't remember any of it. 
He hoped that "you and your mother and daddy are getting along fine." And I all of a sudden missed my family's southern drawl. 
I found myself wondering if he meant to sign the letter " Your Greatdaddy" Because it made me laugh a little. 
But most of all I wanted nothing more than to send him a thank you letter in return. 
Thank you Great Grandaddy Jones for all my treats, I am sorry I don't remember them.
Your Great Grandaughter,