Wednesday, May 5, 2010

That which inspires.

I stumbled across this photograph in a book of women photographers. It just so happened I had been assigned to write a poem about a photograph that day, so I did.

"Court of the first model tenements in New York City, 72nd street..."

The clothes on the lines belong to people
but here in this photograph 
they are person-less and unencumbered.
The clothes float overhead 
like the thoughts of those 
Their paths cross and so their stories intertwine. 
The people are 
connected by taught lines, squeaking pulleys, 
and clean whispering bed sheets. 
five stories of narratives bound together by
 button downs and stockings.
The clothes, bodiless, but weighted 
with stories, herald the way towards the 
celestial spaces of the 
New York skyline.

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